How Does Keyholding Work, And Why Does It Benefit Your Security?

Keyholding services involve entrusting a set of keys to a professional security firm to manage access to a property or your premises on your behalf, or that of the occupant.

Here’s how this process usually works:

Firstly, you (the property owner or occupant) provides a set of keys to a security company like The Brooknight Group. This can be keys to any part of your property, whether it’s to the main entrance, individual rooms, safes or any other places that require access.


Then the security company can come out and open up whenever needed. This might be for emergencies or due to letting in tradespeople like electricians or plumbers. Alternatively, it might be for any other reason you need security personnel there.

It’s always vital to pick a team that will store your keys safely. You can trust Brooknight Security to keep your keys safe at all times; you can be assured they will never be accessible to unauthorised persons. 

Did you know that keyholding has been a part of security for centuries?

Throughout history, keyholding has been a vital part of security, ensuring that valuable assets and sensitive areas are carefully controlled and protected. Although methods have evolved over time, the basic principle of entrusting responsibility for key management to trusted individuals remains unchanged.

In ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, keys were used to secure valuable possessions and important structures. In those days, keyholders were often individuals of high status or trusted members of society who were responsible for safeguarding keys.

In mediaeval Europe, guilds often appointed keyholders to safeguard their treasuries, documents and valuable assets. These keyholders were usually respected members of the guild who were entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the security of the guild’s possessions.

In the wake of industrialisation, keyholding became a more formal activity, especially in the context of factories, warehouses, and businesses. Keyholders were appointed to manage access to industrial sites, machinery and sensitive areas within factories.

In the 20th century, the concept of keyholding evolved further with the emergence of professional security companies. In recent decades, advancements in technology have transformed the security industry. While traditional keyholding remains important, electronic access control systems, surveillance cameras, and alarm monitoring have become standard features of modern security solutions.

One of the biggest benefits of keyholding services is that you will enjoy immediate responses to any emergencies. 


Along with holding keys, Brooknight Security offers alarm monitoring and response services. That means if your alarm is triggered at any time, our trained team will leap into action to investigate.

We can also deal with less urgent jobs when access to your premises are neede. Brooknight is able to dispatch authorised personnel equipped with the necessary keys to unlock and secure the premises. This could be for routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or any other legitimate reason.

Brooknight Security can also deal with documentation and reporting. 

The security company maintains detailed records of key usage, including who accessed the property and when. This provides accountability and transparency for both the property owner and the security firm.

The biggest benefits of using keyholding services include:

  • Improved security. Entrusting keys to a professional security firm reduces the risk of unauthorised access and improves overall security for the property.
  • A team which is available 24/7. Security companies typically offer round-the-clock keyholding services, ensuring rapid response to emergencies or incidents at any time of day or night.
  • The reduced risk of any threats. Property owners or occupants no longer need to personally respond to alarms or emergency calls, reducing their exposure to potential risks such as burglary or confrontation with intruders.
  • Greater peace of mind. Knowing that a trusted security provider is responsible for managing access to their property can provide peace of mind for owners and occupants, allowing them to focus on other priorities without worrying about security issues.
  • Budget-friendly security. Keyholding services can be more cost-effective than hiring dedicated security personnel, especially for smaller properties or businesses with limited security needs.

To sum up, keyholding services offer a convenient and reliable solution for managing access to your properties while enhancing security and providing peace of mind for everyone based at your site.

Why choose Brooknight Security for your keyholding services?

With over three decades of experience in the security industry, Brooknight is a dynamic and proactive company. We have three key values which make us an excellent choice for companies in a variety of sectors. 

Firstly, our customers are always our number one priority. Whatever changes might be taking place in your industry, we can adapt our security packages to meet your needs.

Secondly, we always look to empower our team with the right training and support. By investing in our staff, we can pass on their knowledge and skills to your business.

Lastly, we always look to forget long-term relationships with our clients. We work with many companies who need keyholding and other security services on a long-term basis.

If you’re looking for reliable keyholding services, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information. 

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