What Are The Benefits To Using Manned Guarding Services?

Did you know that Number 10 Downing Street is protected by manned security 24-hours a day?

That’s the reason why there’s no lock on the door; a guard deals with opening and closing the door to all visitors. As you might imagine, iconic sites like Downing Street require the most vigilant protection possible, and manned security is considered some of the best. Although there’s also a camera inside the door of the property, the security guard is the first layer of protection. 

So what are the benefits of using our manned guarding services for your business or individual protection?


Firstly, it’s one of the best types of deterrence when it comes to crime. Having a visible presence on your site quickly repels any potential criminals. It signals that security measures are in place, making it less likely for criminals to target the premises.

Secondly, it ensures that no time is wasted when an emergency occurs. Time is of the essence when dealing with any incidents. When you have guards on your site, they can react immediately to suspicious activity. This will prevent crimes before they occuring in the right place.  It can also prevent a situation from escalating into something much worse. 

Enhance your security in a variety of ways. 

Our guards can provide first-class monitoring and surveillance. They’re able to carry out regular patrols, monitor surveillance systems, and perform security checks, ensuring that all areas are secure.

Using our manned guarding is one of the best ways to control who accesses your premises. It ensures that only authorised personnel enter and exit, thereby preventing unauthorised access. This is ideal for not only commercial properties but high profile private individuals. 

Manned security can provide more than protection. 

The role also involves supporting and answering questions from visitors. All our guards are committed to delivering first-class customer service and assistance. They can perform an array of additional roles, from greeting visitors and providing directions to assisting with inquiries, therefore improving the customer experience. 

In the event of an emergency, they can provide immediate assistance; they can also guide evacuations, and liaise with emergency services. This can ensure everyone’s safety and protect the reputation of your business at the same time. 

Get a quick response to incidents.

As mentioned earlier, managing any incidents is much easier with this type of protection. Our trained guards can quickly assess and respond to incidents such as theft, vandalism, or disturbances, minimising potential damage and disruptions.

We can also provide security personnel who are trained in first aid; they can therefore provide immediate medical assistance if needed.

Improve safety levels at your site.

Our team ensures the safety of employees, visitors, and customers by maintaining a secure environment and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. They can also effectively manage crises such as fires, natural disasters, or other emergencies, helping to keep everyone safe.

Brooknight Security provides tailored security solutions, and our manned guarding is no exception.

Highly flexible, we’re happy to customise our services to meet the specific needs of your business, whether it’s retail, corporate, industrial, or residential security.

Our services include manned guarding for events. Summer is the best season for live events, from concerts and festivals to exhibitions and tradeshows. Brooknight Security regularly provides security for a wide range of events across the UK. 

Big events are more common than ever in and around Milton Keynes, where we are based. For live events, our guards can manage crowd control, check tickets, and ensure the safety of attendees.

As should be the case with all types of security, you can benefit from greater peace of mind.

Many people find the mere presence of professional security personnel provides peace of mind to employees, customers, and business owners, knowing that there is a dedicated team looking out for their safety.

Focus on what you do best.

Brooknight Security can help businesses focus on their core activities without worrying about security issues, knowing that their security needs are being professionally managed.

Since our guards can help businesses comply with safety and security regulations, they can also reduce  the risk of legal issues.

Did you know that security can reduce your insurance premium?

Having a robust security system, including manned guarding, can lower your insurance premiums and improve claims processing in case of incidents. Insurance companies like to see that you take security seriously and have done everything to reduce the risk of any incidents. 

Our manned guarding services offer a comprehensive approach to security, combining deterrence, monitoring and immediate response capabilities.  We believe these benefits make it an effective solution for businesses and individuals seeking to enhance their safety and security.

This is just one of the many forms of protection we offer at Brooknight Security. 

Find out more about our manned security services. Or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more details.

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