Corporate, Data Centres
Banking and finance

As champions of security and customer service excellence, our programs integrate top-tier customer service with robust security measures. This ensures a balanced, effective solution tailored to specific needs.

We meticulously select and train our officers, equipping them with  technology to provide a discreet yet formidable security presence which is highly effective.

Our services span from access control and front-of-house support to after-hours protection, patrols, and monitoring. We also specialise in areas like risk advisory, vulnerability assessments, penetration and integrity testing, investigations, technical surveillance , and comprehensive training. This approach allows us to proactively address and mitigate risks, helping our customers navigate their unique security landscapes.

For Data Centres & Commercial Depots, our security teams and technological solutions form a crucial part of the clients’ security and facilities management strategy. We ensure the physical security of the facility and the safety of its personnel through measures like controlled access points, guarded checkpoints, thorough searches, building patrols, and both onsite and remote CCTV monitoring. Our comprehensive incident management ensures a secure, well-managed environment.

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