Remote monitoring
and mobile response

Our approach to security involves intelligence-based countermeasures that enhance the safety, security, and protection of assets within a flexible and cost-effective framework.

Through video event monitoring, we can direct actions remotely to where they are most needed, significantly improving situational awareness, safeguarding assets, and swiftly identifying security breaches and incidents.

Additionally, we offer our customers services such as escorted locks & unlocks and virtual patrol capabilities. This ensures the security of the property while also mitigating any risks to staff responsible for keys outside of regular business hours. When this is integrated with our responsive, technology-enabled personnel – who can be dispatched either per incident or as part of a client-dedicated mobile response team – we are able to provide a versatile and dependable layered security or maintenance programme for any facility.

Our Operations Control Centre leverages the latest technology to monitor and control detection systems and smart building technologies. By integrating AI analytics, we can effectively identify incidents, discern trends, and address root causes. This empowers you to manage buildings and evolving situations more efficiently, leading to better planning and enhanced structural security. Ultimately, this approach reduces future risks and addresses specific needs in a cost-effective manner.


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