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At Brooknight Limited, we employ various tracking technologies such as cookies, web beacons, and tracking pixels when you visit our website,, including any other media form, media channel, mobile website, or mobile application related or connected thereto (collectively referred to as the “Site”). These technologies are used to enhance and personalize your experience on the Site.

We may update this Cookie Policy at any time, with the changes taking effect immediately upon their posting on the Site. The “Last Updated” date at the top of this Cookie Policy will indicate the latest revision. We encourage you to review this Cookie Policy periodically to stay informed of any updates. By continuing to use the Site after the posting of a revised Cookie Policy, you accept and agree to the changes.


We conduct our own services honestly and honourably and expect our clients (Data Controllers)

and Sub Data Processors to do the same. Our advice, strategic assistance and the methods

imparted through our services take proper account of ethical considerations.


Through our actions and advice, we will always try to conform to relevant law and Brooknight

believes that all businesses and organizations, including our own business, have a duty of care to

avoid causing any adverse effect on the rights and freedoms of individuals.


A “cookie” is a small piece of data stored on your computer, assigned a unique identifier, which your browser uses each time you submit a query to the Site. Cookies on the Site are utilized to track services you have used, record registration information, remember your user preferences, keep you logged into the Site, streamline purchase procedures, and monitor the pages you visit. They play a crucial role in understanding how the Site is used and in enhancing your user experience.


The cookies we use are “first-party cookies,” which can be either permanent or temporary. These essential cookies are necessary for the proper functioning and feature availability of the Site. Disabling these cookies in your browser may impact the Site’s functionality.

Types of cookies used on the Site include:

  • Analytics Cookies: These cookies help us understand how users reach the Site and interact with it, allowing us to identify which features are most effective and which can be improved.
  • Personalisation Cookies: These cookies recognize repeat visitors and are used to remember your language preference based on your country/IP address, the pages you have visited, and your settings each time you visit the Site.
  • Site Management Cookies: These cookies maintain your identity or session on the Site, ensuring you are not logged off unexpectedly and that your information is retained from page to page. While these cookies cannot be turned off individually, you can disable all cookies in your browser.


Specific Site Management cookies include:

  • A cookie confirming your acceptance of our cookie banner, preventing it from showing again.
  • A cookie identifying your country based on your IP address.
  • A cookie ensuring that you are directed to the correct language version of the Site, based on your country, throughout your visit.



By default, most browsers accept cookies. However, you can remove or reject cookies in your browser’s settings. Be aware that this may affect the Site’s availability and functionality.


We collect and use personal information, including your name, address, telephone number, and email, for purposes such as:

  • Responding to your queries or requests
  • Providing services like our Email Alert service
  • Processing your orders or applications
  • Administering or fulfilling our obligations under any agreements with you
  • Anticipating and resolving issues with any services provided to you

We do not share this personal information with third parties.

For more details about our policy, please contact us.


Brooknight retains the moral rights in, and ownership of, all intellectual property that we

create unless agreed otherwise in advance with our clients. In return we respect the moral and

intellectual copyright vested in our clients’ intellectual property. Our suppliers are under strict

terms of confidentiality not to disclose, disseminate and/or inform any third party about

BROOKNIGHT, clients, business or individual (data subjects) personal identifiable information.



Brooknight endeavours to conduct all our activities with professionalism and integrity. We take

great care to be completely objective in the judgement and any recommendations that are

proposed, so that issues are never influenced by anything other than the best and proper

interests of our clients.



BROOKNIGHT always strives to be fair and objective in our advice and actions. We practice

compliance with all forms of discrimination legislation, and actively promote policies and

procedures to ensure that no person is ever disadvantaged by reason of their racial or ethnic

origin, or on grounds of gender, sexual orientation (including gender reassignment), marital

status, age, nationality, religion or belief or disability or any action which may constitute

harassment of any kind.



The data controller responsible for your personal information under the applicable European Union data protection law is the Head of Human Resources at Brooknight Limited.

Should you have any questions about this Privacy Notice or our data collection practices, please contact us at the address, telephone number, or email provided, specifying your country of residence and the nature of your query. You may also reach us at, 01908 305700, or Brooknight Limited, North House, Bond Avenue. Mount Farm, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK1 1JJ

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