Supply Chain, Logistics
and Manufacturing Security

Our integrated services are designed to deliver comprehensive solutions to the complex challenges and constraints of the real world.

In the dynamic environment of Supply Chain, Logistics and Manufacturing Security, where machinery, technology, and people are in constant change, our security team is expertly trained and managed to handle these variables.

Our customer service-oriented team is committed to ensuring the safety and protection of visitors, the workforce, and property. We strive to minimise disruption while providing maximum protection, thereby enhancing the operational efficiency, security, and safety of our customers premises.

Our suite of services encompasses risk and threat consultancy, training, alert and monitoring systems, response and patrolling, guarding, as well as analytics and reporting. Our property patrol and inspection services are crucial in deterring vandalism, crime and terrorist acts, keeping customers informed about their estates and helping to fulfil insurance requirements. .

We utilise information collected to empower our management team to offer better support and advice, ensuring that customers have all the necessary information to manage their properties.

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